Bears' Mike Ditka game-worn sweater vest pulled from auction

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Mike Ditka game-worn sweater vest pulled from auction originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

A classic Mike Ditka “BEARS” sweater vest that was put up for auction has been withdrawn. The iconic sweater vest was initially billed as the same one Ditka wore during Super Bowl XX, and bids reached around $30,000.

While the sweater is authentically from Da Coach’s wardrobe, the Ditka family recently reached back out to Heritage Auctions, who were running the sale, and said that they weren’t totally sure it was the same sweater he wore as the Bears blew out the Patriots 46-10 in the Superdome. Heritage Auctions then decided to withdraw the lot from the auction.

“We want to make sure we sell that which we advertise,” said Robert Wilonsky, Heritage Auctions communications director.

Heritage Auctions doesn’t know exactly what was the highest bid for the sweater before it was pulled. Once a lot is withdrawn they can’t go back and look up that information, but it was doing well.

“I know it was very popular,” Wilonsky said. “But it doesn’t matter how popular it was if it’s not the right thing.”

The door is still open for the Ditka sweater to go back on auction in the future, if the family can confirm it was or wasn’t the same one worn during the Super Bowl.

“Hopefully at some point we can bring it back,” Wilonsky said. “We love working with the Ditka family, they were excited to bring it.”

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