Bears' Justin Fields still in weight room and fans are excited

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Justin Fields is in weight room and fans are excited originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

This Chicago Bears offseason is going to be dominated by a few debates on sports talk shows, locally and nationally. One of which is quarterback Justin Fields' future.

Should the Bears keep him or trade him?

Fans have been endeared to Fields because we've had an exciting quarterback for once. And it's felt good to watch New York Jets fans bemoan selecting Zach Wilson over Fields in the 2021 NFL Draft, cause we know the feeling of picking Mitch Trubisky over Patrick Mahomes in 2017.

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And the other are the stories of him putting in work. There are no Kyler Murray-esque concerns here. Even last offseason we saw him putting in hours studying the playbook at home.

So it should come as no surprise that when new Bears president Kevin Warren met Fields it happened in the weight room.

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And fans loved it, only further entrenching their feelings about Fields.

"Justin don't stop," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"Love it. JF1 on the grind," wrote another.

Fields and Warren have a bit of a rocky past from their days in the Big Ten.

Warren, the commissioner of the Big Ten while Fields was playing at Ohio State, made the decision to suspend the 2020 season. Fields led the charge to pressure the Big Ten to reverse the decision.

At Tuesday's press conference, Warren made it clear he wasn't carrying over any ill-will from that spat.

"If I had been in the Big Ten at that time, I would have done the same thing," Warren said.

Instead of adversely affecting Warren's perception of Fields, it actually positively impacted it.

"What that told me about Justin is he's passionate," Warren said. "Now, my whole goal was trying to keep players safe. I appreciated him, to be able to take that leadership role. I was ecstatic.

"I called him on draft day. I was ecstatic when he got drafted by the Bears because that's what you need from a leadership standpoint."

"But I have a strong personal relationship with him. He's talented. He's a leader. I loved his passion. I would have been the same way of being able to do it."

Back to Fields in the gym. At general manager Ryan Poles' end of season press conference, he also noted and praised Fields' work ethic.

“The amount of time that he put in with the coaches to continue to get better, the guy is hungry to be successful in this league," Poles said.

And Warren sees it as an outsider.

"I have the greatest amount of respect for him because I know he's going to do everything he possibly can with the talent that he has to be a leader, and he wants to win championships," Warren said.

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