Bears' Jimmy Graham on Aaron Rodgers taunts: I've said 'worse'

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Graham on Rodgers 'I own you' taunt: I've said worse originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Bears are set to travel to Lambeau Field this Sunday to take on the Packers. It’s always a big game, no matter what the records are, and emotions run high, not only among fans, but among players and coaches too.

So when a mic picked up Aaron Rodgers yelling “All my f—  life, I own you. I own you. I still own you,” guys like Jimmy Graham weren’t surprised.

“This isn’t golf,” Graham said. “We’re out there and each and every play your deal is to beat the man across from you, one-on-one. You know, it’s a game of whupping the other man across from you, simple as that. So I don’t know any type of, ‘Hey, man’一 there’s not a lot of niceties.

“I don’t know what people think is being said out there.”

In fact, Graham said that not only has he uttered similar sentiments to “I own you,” on the field, he’s said worse. And yes, he’s taunted fans as well.

“I've been a part of my own s— talking in my career. I just haven't had a camera around or a mic boom to hear it. I'm blessed for that.”

Graham didn’t seem to be bothered by Rodgers’ outburst when the Bears last played the Packers. He said the only way to get back, or stop the taunts, is to stop Roders on the field. And while the NFL might be trying to officiate taunting gestures out of the game, Graham doesn’t want the trash talk to go away.

“It’s a part of the game, and it’s a part of the game that I love.”

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