Bears Investigate Spooky Halloween Decorations in Asheville Yard

A bear cub stopped to check out a Halloween decoration adorning the porch of a home in North Carolina recently, sniffing it before drinking water with its family.

Footage filmed by Asheville resident David Oppenheimer shows three bears, a mother bear and two older cubs, in the back yard of his home.

Oppenheimer’s video shows one cub sniffing around a spooky doll decoration. A second video recorded on a Ring camera shows bears drinking from a Freddie Kreuger water bowl.

Speaking to Storyful, Oppenheimer said the bear family has been spotted frequently in his neighborhood over the last week.

“This bear family has been frequently in the neighborhood this week. The mom bear has three larger cubs that seem to be a year and a half old and are close to the point of going out on their own.”

Oppenheimer regularly comes across black bears, and posts videos of the encounters to his YouTube channel. Credit: David Oppenheimer via Storyful

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