Bears fire Luke Getsy and other offensive assistants

Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy has been fired.

Getsy and other members of the offensive staff were fired this morning, according to NFL Network.

There's still been no confirmation about whether head coach Matt Eberflus will be back for the 2024 season, although firing the offensive staff without making mention of Eberflus also getting fired would seem to suggest Eberflus is likely to be back.

If Eberflus is back, he's going to be hiring two coordinators: An offensive coordinator to replace Getsy, and a defensive coordinator to replace Alan Williams, who resigned under mysterious circumstances early in the season. Eberflus took over most of Williams' responsibilities for the rest of the season but will presumably hire a defensive coordinator this offseason.

The biggest question for the Bears' next offensive coordinator is who his quarterback will be. Justin Fields is the incumbent starter, but with the Bears owning the first overall pick in the 2024 draft, Caleb Williams may soon be coming to town.