Bears fans are thinking about Caleb Williams after Patrick Mahomes wins another Super Bowl

Comparisons between Patrick Mahomes and Caleb Williams are unavoidable. They might not be fair, but they’re out there, and they are shaping part of the conversation surrounding Williams before the 2024 NFL draft. It is what it is. Mahomes is a dazzling and transcendent talent who rules the NFL right now, having won a third Super Bowl before turning 29 years old. Mahomes is the kind of player other No. 1 picks are measured against. Mahomes wasn’t a top pick, but his excellence is so overwhelming that current and future top quarterbacks in NFL drafts will always be compared to the Chiefs’ signal-caller. Can the quarterbacks of the future establish legacies and track records which can begin to compare to the King of Kansas City? That question will linger for Caleb Williams and the other elite quarterback prospects who come after him, like it or not. The question is also relevant to the Chicago Bears and their fans, given that Chicago has the No. 1 pick and the inside track to Caleb Williams.

Caleb-Mahomes comparisons proliferate. We have noted a few over the past two years. Here’s one:

“He’s off the charts,” said (quarterback guru Jordan) Palmer. “He’s the next Mahomes. In a time where we have a lot of bright young stars, it’s not just his physical ability; it’s the maturity.”

The NFL draft is a little more than two months from now, on April 25.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire