Bears displaying Packers' trash-talk in Halas Hall for motivation

Michael Allardyce
·1 min read

Bears displaying Packers' trash-talk in Halas Hall originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

It's Bears-Packers. It's for a spot in the playoffs. The season is on the line for the Bears.

And while players might not need more motivation than that, it certainly never hurts.

So greeting the Bears in Halas Hall is a video board highlighting the perceived trash talk from the Packers, just if anyone needs that extra dash of motivation.

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"We have a screen in the building when you come in," safety Eddie Jackson told media on Thursday.  "As soon as you walk into the locker room there's a big screen so you can see what was said in the media by them, or things like that – what was said by a player, coach or media. 

"It could be anything so it's always on that board so when you walk in that's the first thing you see in the morning like 'Oh he said this about it'. So it's like 'Okay'."

If you don't like us that's fine, but ya know, watch your mouth.

Jackson also noted one specific comment made by a specific Packers player already, as noted by our own Cam Ellis.

As a Bears fan, I love the thought of an angry Eddie Jackson walking out onto Soldier Field. When it comes to the Packers, all motivation is good motivation and there is no point when we've reached our motivation field.

And let's keep it going in the playoffs.

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