Bears' Allen Robinson explains how he views future in Chicago

Cam Ellis
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'Everything on the table' for ARob heading into free agency originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

There wasn't a lot to take away from the Bears' locker room clean out, and then Allen Robinson talked. 

Robinson, who technically scheduled to become a free agent in two weeks, spoke candidly about where things stand between him and the Bears right now. 

"I don’t know how it will affect it or not," Robinson said in regards to his relationship with the team. "But at the same time, from my standpoint, I personally feel like we had an opportunity to be able to get something done over the past 365 days. But again, I don’t know that that really affects me too much as far as however things play out.”

Robinson's coming off the best season in Chicago, and probably the second-best season of his career. The 27-year old receiver finished with 102 receptions for 1250 yards and six touchdowns. He ended the year ranked 9th in total yards, 6th in first downs, and 5th in PFF's overall wide receiver grade. After only three seasons, Robinson already ranks 15th in Bears all-time reception yards and 11th in receptions; at his current rate, Robinson would become the Bears' all-time leader in both around 2023, when he'd be turning 30. 

"I thought I had a decent year this year," he said. "Obviously a few plays that I might want to get back, but with all that being said, I still finished the season with over 1,200 yards, so again, the plays to be made, I feel like I made the majority of them -- just a couple that I want to get back.

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"The biggest thing is, at this point in time three years ago in my career, I was coming off injury. So it was a lot more weight on me and a lot more going through my mind and things like that. Now, being able to finish this season healthy and stepping into whatever the next chapter is healthy, I think that's the biggest thing and most exciting thing for me." 

That being said, there's still a pretty good chance Robinson's back in Chicago next year – the Bears could (and will likely) use the franchise tag on Robinson, which projects to be somewhere around $18 million. When asked if that would be okay with him, Robinson literally plead the 5th

"I’m not going to get into that right now," he added. "Again, I think everybody knows a little bit on how I feel about that, but I’m not going to really get into that right now." 

Despite the lack of any real conversations, Robinson insisted that he hasn't lost any respect for anyone within the organization. He spoke multiple times about his love for the city and how much he's enjoyed his time in Chicago, even if that time's coming to an end. 

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"I mean it's nothing to take personal in general," he said. "At the same time I do have a great fondness for this city and for the organization. But unfortunately in a situation like this, this isn't the only thing that matters. But again like I said since Day 1, I have a ton of respect for the organization from the McCaskey family, from the Payton family, our front office, our coaching staff, everybody. I think everybody knows."