Bears agree to sign RB D’Andre Swift to a big contract

One of the first moves reported out of the NFL’s free agent tampering period is one that is sure to raise some eyebrows in Detroit.

Reports indicate former Lions running back D’Andre Swift agreed to a free agent deal with the Chicago Bears. While the deal cannot be finalized before Wednesday, the money being talked about is big.

The reported numbers for Swift, who played 2023 with the Philadelphia Eagles, are $24 million over three years. More importantly, Chicago will give Swift $15.3 million guaranteed at signing.

That’s more than the Lions are paying former Bears RB David Montgomery, who signed with Detroit last year. The Lions signed Montgomery to a 3-year, $18 million deal last offseason with $11 million guaranteed.

While different styles of runners, Montgomery was more efficiently productive in his first year in Detroit than Swift ever was, and also outperformed Swift with the Eagles in 2023.

Swift: 229 carries, 1049 yards, 5 TDs

Montgomery: 219 carries, 1015 yards, 13 TDs

Bears fans who chastised Swift for being soft and overhyped during his time in Detroit now find the shoe on the other foot.

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire