Bears add OT Wright to help protect Fields

Protecting Justin Fields is perhaps the Chicago Bears’ biggest priority moving forward, and No. 10 pick Darnell Wright can help with that mission.

Video Transcript

- Well, the Bears after trading down, not once, but twice, finally made a pick they were number one, they went to number nine. They were number nine, they went to number 10. And with the 10th pick, the Bears pick up a tackle to help block for their great young quarterback, Justin Fields.

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It's Darnell Wright from Tennessee, also a Huntington, West Virginia native, becomes that guy who helps bolster an offensive line that needs to do better if Justin Fields is going to develop as a passer. Buying him more time to find a receiver down the field, so he doesn't rely upon those great running abilities and take off when any pressure arises, right?

The first piece for the Bears in an effort to try to build up a team around Justin Fields that can be very competitive in a wide open NFC. It's up for grabs right now. People assume the Lions will just run the division. Any of those four teams can take it, and the Bears if they draft wisely, could be a team that emerges as the NFC North champions. Darnell Wright, a candidate to help be a key player as the Bears try to do that in 2023.