BDL Live Blog: Game 3 of the NBA Finals

The series has shifted to the parquet. Makes sense, because it is June, after all.

The arenas aren't the same, the footwear is different, people drank something called "Coc-a-Co-la" back then; but beyond those obvious differences, another Celtics/Lakers Finals has come back to Massachusetts.

And despite all the proclamations - two of them, in fact - this series probably isn't done with Los Angeles. But until it's done with Los Angeles, regardless of result, the Lakers and Celtics are about to treat the Eastern seaboard to three sound matches. We hope. Depends on the refs.

Yes, the refs. We hope any lingering anger from the first two games of this series, regarding the iffy work of the referees, is behind us. I've gotten it from both Laker fans and Celtic fans over the last two days, telling me why the other team gets all the calls, and we're just going to have to move on. Because we just saw two poorly-called games in a sport that is impossible to call. Why people don't get this, as the tough calls build and build, I'll never get.

But should the tough calls continue, you will have your chance to let yourself be heard. A BDL Live Blog, a chance to counter those that want to do you wrong. I'll be live in Boston, Dan Devine will be around to run things, and we'll hopefully have other contributors following along the way.

After the jump at around 9 p.m., Eastern. Drop on in and let us know what's what.

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