BDL Finals chat!

So this is what we're down to. Doing it all for a trophy named after this guy.

Lawrence O'Brien.

He was so important, G. Gordon Liddy once bugged his office. Some third-rate burglars were even caught inside his office, and one of our Presidents had to resign as a result. Ford or Taylor or one of the Adams twins, I think it was.

Then he became the NBA's Commish, hired to get past the anti-trust issues inherent in the blocked ABA/NBA merger of 1970.

It worked. It wasn't a merger, and it more or less destroyed the ABA teams that entered the NBA in 1976, but he did get a TV deal and quash the ABA. He also helped put together the NBA's stringent drug laws, and started work on the NBA's first revenue-sharing salary cap.

Some have made hay dismissing his contributions. Some have argued that it was David Stern, in fact, that was banking on the progress made by the O'Brien era. The answer is somewhere closer to the middle. I think he's rated just about right.

They named the trophy after him, in fact. The team that wins it all gets a trophy named after him.

So, let's chat about that championship round. The one that starts tonight. Click the jump at 3 p.m., Eastern, and file your comments and questions. Respectfully, or otherwise.

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