BDL Dr. Martin Luther King Day Chat!

Today, as the NBA tosses 10 matinee games our way, we're going to toss a chat box up and invite you to follow the action along with us.

Now, and it's important that you actually read this, because we don't want to answer this question 4192 times. This isn't a chat in the 1995-level, AOL-style. When you toss out your comment and question, it won't show up right away. We need to moderate, but we also want to try and include just about every musing from our loyal following along the way. But you will have to be patient. Give it a second. It's going to space.

We'll (yours truly, Eric Freeman, hopefully Dan Devine, and assorted Tweeters) be around as long as our wrists hold up, so click the jump and let's have some fun.

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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