New BDL contest: Advertisements on NBA jerseys

You've heard the news: the NBA will allow its teams to sell advertising space on its practice jerseys next season — and many expect that game jerseys will be next — just months after the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury and Los Angeles Sparks sold the rights to the their jerseys to Lifelock and Farmer's Insurance, respectively.

Is it a bad idea? Possibly. I by no means want to see the "Detroit Pepsis" battling the "Miami IcyHot" in early November, but as Joe Maloof, co-owner of the Kings says, "It's a new economic climate now. Any time you can generate revenue in the right way, you should be able to do it. You have to." A sad, but true reality. Cash rules everything around Stern. C.R.E.A.S. Get the money. Dolla, dolla, etc.

But hey, chin up, purist! We can have some fun with this.

Enter the Ball Don't Lie reader-submitted art contest — Advertisements on NBA jerseys.

That's right, we're asking you to send in your drawings, paintings and Photoshops that Girl Talk together some blatant, "in-your-face" advertising with game threads. Harry Potter and the Magic. Wite-Out and the Pacers. That horrible PS job I threw together above: Pepto-Bismol and the Knickerbockers. Whatever you can think of.

We'll run "PD Rules" for this one: Original Photoshops and artwork creations only, and we'll publish as many entries many as we can. Yahoo! Sports rules of profanity and PG-13 content apply. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, August 5 at 5 p.m. EDT. E-mail contest entries (.JPGs preferred) to Judges are Dwyer, Don Draper and myself. Enter as many times as you'd like. Prizes will include NBA Finals gear courtesy of our good friends at adidas.

Have at it, Mad Men.