BC Eagles 5TH Quarter

Mike Gualtieri , Staff
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Okay Eagles fans, I am torn on this one. Yes, BC gave a good effort and the score was 7-7 at the end of 3Q. Then, however, the floodgates opened. Final score Clemson 34 BC-7. What did we learn...

BC's Defense Came to Play

There's no question about it. BC's D was ready to go. Especially for the first 3 Q. Lukas Denis had 13 tackles and a INT. Issac Yiadom had the other INT. Ty Schwab also had 11 tackles for the Eagles.

Death Valley?

Yes the crowd was fired up and sold out. But for most of the game, it was a non factor. Of course a false start down the stretch hurt the Eagles, but overall BC did a good job taking the crowd out of the game.


There is no question BC needs the offense to put up more points. Yes, Clemson has a good D but still. Anthony Brown was 14/30 for 133 yards and an INT. That was okay. Rushing wise AJ Dillon had 18 carries for 57 yards, while Hilliman had 9 carries for 33 yards. Interesting to see that AJ had more carries and something to follow if that trend continues next weekend.

Special teams A!

Have to give credit to Mike Knoll and Colton Lichtenberg. They have done well this season even with Colton's long miss off the upright. Special teams remains great.

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