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- History of Congress v. President on foreign policy oversight

- Why do old people hate new music?

- A history of the cross



Trump, Ukraine and a whistleblower: Ever since 1796, Congress has struggled to keep presidents in check

COMMENTARY The conflict between Congress and President Trump over his dealings with Ukraine's president is just the latest version of a long-running struggle for power between the two branches of government. 962 words. By Jennifer Selin, University of Missouri-Columbia

The history of the cross and its many meanings over the centuries

RELIGION Many Catholics and some Christians celebrate the Feast of the Holy Cross during the fall. A scholar revisits the history of the cross, how it became a symbol of divine love, but also of violence. 1148 words. By Joanne M. Pierce, College of the Holy Cross

Curious Kids: Why do old people hate new music?

COMMENTARY Music doesn't get objectively worse over time. So why do older generations scoff at each new top 40 hit? 649 words. By Frank T. McAndrew, Knox College

Recycling rates could rise significantly with this simple tweak

COMMENTARY Consumers are much more likely to recycle their waste after viewing messages showing the products it might turn into. 830 words. By Karen Winterich, Pennsylvania State University; Gabriel E. Gonzales, State University of New York at New Paltz, and Gergana Nenkov, Boston College

Why are private prisons controversial? 3 questions answered

COMMENTARY Private prisons have long been a topic of controversy in the U.S. A professor of sociology explains what they are and why they matter. 555 words. By John M. Eason, University of Wisconsin-Madison

California polluters may soon buy carbon "offsets" from the Amazon — is that ethical?

COMMENTARY California's new plan to fight global climate change is innovative. But it raises tricky ethical questions with no easy answers. 1023 words. By Maron Greenleaf, Dartmouth College

Another grim climate report on oceans – what will it take to address the compounding problems?

COMMENTARY A new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report makes clear human-induced climate change threatens the health and function of the ocean and cryosphere - the frozen regions of the Earth. 918 words. By Cassandra Brooks, University of Colorado Boulder

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