BAWDY Beauty's Seaweed-Infused Butt Mask and Body Wash Are What You Need This Summer

Today, care for the bottom of backsides is trending with the masses and has received widespread buy-in from all walks of life. BAWDY Beauty is one brand that is very serious about butt care, and is killing two birds with one stone by releasing a seaweed-infused Body Wash and Shake It Butt Mask.

Buttocks are prone to acne, hyperpigmentation and other blemishes due to daily wear and tear on the body, as the skin on your backside is much different and less forgiving than the skin on your face. BAWDY has a remedy to those issues with the Shake It Butt Mask designed to firm your behind and sculpt the cheeks, leaving an instant glow. The butt mask is infused with marine algae and seaweed, which will leave your buttocks toned, hydrated and pleasantly firm.

Arriving in tandem with the Shake It Butt Mask is BAWDY's Body Wash, which is a powder, water-activated shower solution. The wash formula contains seaweed and kaolin, leaving your skin hydrated and nourished. A single bottle of the wash reduces the carbon footprint while staying true to sustainable efforts.

BAWDY's Body Wash retails for $30 USD and the Shake It Butt Mask retails for $10 USD on BAWDY's website.