As battle with USFL looms, XFL makes pitch to agents

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It’s not quite Coke vs. Pepsi. It eventually could become Hatfield vs. McCoy.

With the USFL launching this past weekend and the XFL a year away from its latest return, the XFL convened a virtual meeting of player agents on Monday night, via Kevin Seifert of

During the discussion, the XFL said it will be offering higher salaries and better benefits than the USFL. The USFL is currently paying players $4,500 per week, with bonuses for victories.

Agents also were told that the XFL plans to start the season in February and conclude it in May, which could make it easier for players to jump to the NFL than the USFL’s April-June schedule. NFL offseason workouts typically end in June.

Here’s the biggest problem for the XFL, at least for now. USFL players signed contracts that give the Fox-owned league the ability to hold their rights for two years. That would knock out any players the USFL plans to keep from XFL participation until 2024, at the earliest.

Bottom line? A fight is coming. The USFL is a Fox and NBC production. ESPN/ABC are already cozying up to the XFL. At a time when it’s fair to ask whether there will be enough interest to sustain one spring league, how will two survive?

If they do, what will that do to other sports, like baseball and hockey?

As battle with USFL looms, XFL makes pitch to agents originally appeared on Pro Football Talk