Battle of the playoff anthems — Bobcats vs. Cavaliers

If there's one certainty in life it's that to perform at your highest level, you need to be properly hyped up. We're talking run through walls, punch a donkey, dunk on the moon pumped up. It's a necessity, lest you look like a fool.

One of the best ways to get totally psyched is by listening to music. We all have our favorite artists that get us super excited. I prefer Ghostface Killah and DMX while Kelly usually chooses between Steely Dan and Steely Dan. It's a personal preference thing, I guess.

But if you're an NBA team, it's almost required that you craft your own playoff anthem. And so far, we have two entries for NBA song of the playoffs. First, courtesy of Queen City Hoops, the Charlotte Bobcats' song:

Interesting choice having a guy who looks like Matt Bonner's(notes) little brother mimic late-era Jay-Z for your song, but it works alright. And hey, I'm not one to complain over a song about Gerald Wallace(notes) and Tyrus Thomas(notes).

Our second contestant to enter the Thunderdome is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Stepien Rules has their anthem, and it's by a group called The Curse Breakers.

This gets my vote for sure. A take-off on Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's "Crossroads?" Come on, that's unbeatable. Especially considering Bone Thug-n-Harmony are the biggest rappers in the history of Cleveland (no, Kid Cudi doesn't count). It's perfect, and it really speaks to my seventh grade self. Plano, IL is thuggish ruggish, obviously.

But I'm just one bearded man with strong opinions on speed rap. Surely you have your own deep-seated beliefs on playoff anthems. Let's hear 'em in the comments.

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