Basketball had double loss when facing Camden High

Jan. 27—MOULTRIE — After a fierce battle took the game into overtime, the Colquitt County Lady Packers varsity basketball team came up just short against Camden County High and lost by four points.

The final score was 46-42.

The Lady Packers are now 16-4 overall and 3-3 in region play.

Friday night's region games ended in a double loss after the Packers also fell to the Wildcats 69-34. The Packers, now 0-6 in region play, are 3-15 overall.

The entire game, the Lady Packers were unsuccessful with shots beyond the 3-point line; however, they were on point defensively.

During the first half, Jamya Moore and Nacardia Robinson both set blocks underneath the hoop to stop a shooter.

D'Zeriyah Polite, Ameris Johnson and Amira Walters-Smith all stole the ball for a possession turnover.

Seven players were able to wrangle the ball after a failed shot: Walters-Smith, Nyleigha Knighton, Johnson, Caylnn Singletary, Moore, Polite and Robinson.

Going into halftime the score was 25-21.

"We had ample opportunity to win this match," said head coach Rondesha Williams. "We just have to stop messing up on the little things, like lay-ups and turning over the ball."

During the second half, the Lady Packers fought hard and the score was tied at 34 the end of the third quarter and 41 after the fourth.

The Knighton sisters — Amareyia and Nyleigha — both had successful blocks during the second half.

Once again, Nyleigha Knighton and Walters-Smith stole the ball — Moore and Polite added themself to this list.

With rebounds were: Walters-Smith, Moore, Robinson, Nysleigha Knighton and Amareyia Knighton.

The fourth quarter in particular was a standstill fight trying to gain the upper hand.

With 2:48 left in the game, Amareyia Knighton sank two free-throws, tying the game.

No more points were scored during standard playing time.

During those last four minutes of overtime, it was a back and forth battle, again tying at 42 points.

With less than one minute in the game, the score was 44-42, advantage Camden High, when the Lady Packers almost tied the score.

Though the ball went through the basket, there was a traveling call, which negated the points.

Camden County squeaked in their last two points with less than 10 seconds in the game.

Of the Lady Packers, Walters-Smith was the highest scoring with 17. Others who scored were: Polite, Robinson, Moore, and both Knighton sisters.

"I appreciate them not giving up," said Williams. "You can't take away from them how hard they worked, and they never stopped trying."

When the Packers faced Camden High, four different athletes made 3-point baskets: Jakari Byrd, Cason Harden, Zy Alridge and Jashar Kinsey.

In the second quarter, the Packers had a good offensive play when Kinsey gave up his chance to add to his stats by passing the ball to Jae Lamar, who was on the other side of the basket with no defenders on him.

Byrd, Zay Williams and Alridge all had steals throughout the game; and, Williams and Byrd each blocked a shooter.

Offensively, Byrd was the highest scorer with eight points.

Both Harden and Markese Wilson got six points.

The remaining Packers that assisted with the scoreboard were: Williams, Jae Lamar, Alridge, Quan Kinsey and Jashar Kinsey.

"We played well in the first half," said head coach Andy Harden. "We just need to figure out how to fix our mistakes."

The Packers and Lady Packers will next face Worth County in a non-region match on January 30 with the home court advantage. The first game begins at 6 p.m.