Baseball's 'Worst Umpire Of All Time' Retires And People Share Thoughts And Lowlights

Major League Baseball umpire Ángel Hernández confirmed he is retiring immediately on Monday after a career filled with disputed calls that were often shared on social media.

Hernández, 62, reached a settlement to walk away after 33 seasons, a source told ESPN.

The sports network noted his “penchant for bad calls.” As word of his retirement spread, others were not as charitable.

MLB Metrics, an X account, called him “probably the worst umpire of all time.” It shared a replay of the Philadelphia PhilliesKyle Schwarber raging at him after Hernández called him out on strikes in a 2022 game.

CC Sabathia, the New York Yankees pitching great, made no effort to conceal his glee at the news.

He posted a meme of Porky Pig saying “That’s all folks!” in the “Looney Tunes” cartoon signoff. He also reposted an interview in which he blasted Hernández after a 2018 playoff game.

“I don’t think Ángel Hernández should be umping playoff games. He’s absolutely terrible,” Sabathia said.

In that same series Hernández earned the dubious distinction of having three calls overturned by replay in one game.

One poster invited others to share lowlights but ended up providing several of their own. In a few of the clips, the broadcasters openly criticize Hernández.