This baseball-themed gender reveal went hilariously wrong

A baseball-themed gender reveal isn't the moment where you should take the first pitch. (@Insane_Athletes)
A baseball-themed gender reveal isn’t the moment where you should take the first pitch. (@Insane_Athletes)

There are times it’s a good idea to take a pitch. A baseball-themed gender reveal isn’t one of them.

That’s what we’ve learned from the clip below, in which a mother and father are using a baseball bat and a color-filled baseball to reveal the gender of their upcoming child. If you don’t know how these work: the mother and father don’t know the gender of their child, but a friend sets the stage for them to find out in dramatic fashion.

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In true 2017 fashion, gender reveals happen in all sorts of ways. In this case, they used a “baseball” that was filled with either blue or pink. Mom threw the pitch. Dad would hit it. Blue or pink would fly everywhere. Everybody would celebrate.

The problem? Dad took a pitch.

Yep, Dad wasn’t swinging at a pitch out of the zone, even if it meant messing up the entire show. Our patient batter is Kyle Tait, a sports broadcaster from the Atlanta area, so he knows a thing or two about the strike zone. When Tait didn’t swing, the ball fell to the ground, broke open and out spilled the gender. Enjoy your daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Tait!

Skeptics among us might wonder if this was all a ruse by the parents to get some viral fame. Well, you can debate that in the comments. For a better view of how these things are supposed to work, Atlanta Braves star Freddie Freeman did the same thing last year and actually made contact.

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