Bart Scott says Ravens shouldn’t extend Lamar Jackson until he wins in playoffs

Matt Weyrich
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Bart Scott says Ravens shouldn’t extend Lamar until he wins in playoffs originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has won an MVP, put together two 1,000-yard rushing seasons and thrown 68 career touchdowns to just 18 interceptions — all before turning 24 years of age.

Yet one accomplishment has still alluded him: winning a playoff game. The Ravens are 0-2 in the postseason so far in the Lamar Jackson Era, a number that hasn’t been lost on former Baltimore linebacker Bart Scott. The now-ESPN analyst talked on “Get Up” Friday morning about why the Ravens shouldn’t offer Jackson an extension until he flips that narrative.

“He’s come up small in the big moments, not big in the small moments,” Scott said. “He has to show that he can be a leader and that he can be a PT player — a primetime player — that’s what he’s failed to do. And this is huge for him to be able to get paid. He’s trying to get paid like [Patrick] Mahomes. He has the same resume as Mahomes, he just doesn’t have the playoff wins.

“Lamar Jackson has to do his part [this time]. If not, then you can’t give him that extension. You have to hold off on extension and say, ‘Hey, until you prove you can win a big game, we can’t put that cheese on your taco, baby.’”

Jackson is set to face the Tennessee Titans on Sunday afternoon in the Wild Card round. It’s a chance for the Ravens to enact some revenge after the Titans knocked them out of the playoffs a year ago and beat them in overtime earlier this season. However, if they’re going to do that, Jackson is going to need to perform better than the two-interception performance he had last January.

Former NFL safety and fellow ESPN analyst Ryan Clark wasn’t having any of what Scott was drinking.

“Bart, Joe Flacco had that team dookie,” Clark said. “Until Joe Flacco gets hurt [in 2018] and you insert Lamar, they were nothing. Don’t act like he took over the New England Patriots like Tom Brady did in his first outing. That wasn’t the team he was playing for. This team is good because of Lamar Jackson. This team got to the point that they got to because of Lamar Jackson.

“What in the Benedict Arnold did you drink this morning? Who are you? Who are you, Bart?”

For those who aren’t well-versed enough history buffs, Benedict Arnold was an American Revolutionary War general who flipped to the British side midway through the war.

While Scott hasn’t defected from his Ravens loyalty just yet, his take on Jackson is certainly one that will be put to the test should Baltimore lose Sunday.