Baron Davis is in 'caveman mode'

Sometimes my subscription to GQ magazine seems superfluous. Thanks to the tireless work of blogs like Sartorially Inclined, Put This On, and A Continuous Lean I already know how to wear a denim shirt several different ways. I get that kind of advice daily, so waiting for the same thing to get dropped in my mailbox once a month occasionally seems pointless.

But I stick around for the reporting, you guys. There's some really good stuff in there. Plus, if you have an NBA blog, you sometimes get hot tips on articles that haven't yet been posted online. First was Brandon Jennings loving Ciara, and now it's Baron Davis(notes) talking about his beard and how he chooses his clothes. Totally worth it.

Here's Boom Dizzle talking about why he keeps his beard so burly:

"The message my beard delivers is: I'm in the trenches. I'm in my caveman mode — I don't have time to get a lineup! I'm stuck in a snow cave for two months, and it's au naturel."

Sure he's has only played for teams where having a snow cave would be impossible, but those are still good reasons. Or they are at least reasons, that's for sure.

Davis also has strong opinions about getting dressed.

"When I walk in the locker room, everybody on my team wants to see what I got on just to crack jokes: 'You wear the weirdest [bleep] ever, dude!' I love it. Because everyone in the league goes to the same stylist, the same custom suit people. I'm like, 'Damn, we wear the same uniform on the court; the last thing I wanna do is wear the same suit off it.'"

I agree wholeheartedly, Baron. Step your game up, NBA. It's not like you guys can't afford it. But at least Davis shows love for the guys in the league he thinks are doing things right, like Steve Nash(notes), Dwyane Wade(notes) (dubious), and James Harden(notes).

But no matter how hard he tries, or who else is around him, Davis will always feel out of place.

"I think I should have been around in the 1970s rather than now. I just like the whole energy of that era. There was this whole love movement: love for country and the world and fellow man. It was about standing up for the people — power to the people — and that's who I am. I just got here a little late."

Somebody get Doc Brown on the phone. Baron has to go back.

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