Barcelona unwilling to let go of defensive gem without a catch

Barcelona unwilling to let go of defensive gem without a catch
Barcelona unwilling to let go of defensive gem without a catch

Without question, Barcelona remains a central hub of opportunities for young talents. The Catalan giants continue to entrust their future into the hands of blooming youngsters. While most would look at it as carelessness, Barcelona consider it an entirely useful step.

However, for some, it is an especially crucial one as well. Mikayil Faye, a 19-year-old Senegalese defender in Barcelona Atletic, has been knocking on the first team’s door for quite some time. His performances, both within Barcelona and away from the club, continue to be noticed.

Moreover, it appears that Barcelona have no choice but to notice them either. According to SPORT, the Senegalese defender and his entourage have already made an intense promise that could see him potentially leave his dream of defending the Barcelona first team colors behind.

In the event that Faye does not become a part of the Barcelona first team next season, he will depart the club. Both the player and his people believe his excellent displays for both Barça Atletic and Senegal deserve recognition and adequate amounts of reward through his deployment in the first team.

Unfortunately for him, that is a position where the Catalans continues to be overstaffed. Until and unless they are able to make sales of some kind from their assortment of central defenders, it looks difficult to see Faye become a first-team regular. Pau Cubarsi, however, has already proven himself to be the young bet for Barcelona moving forward.

On the other hand, a departure would not at all be difficult for Mikayil Faye. Already having suitors from Spain, France, and even Germany, the Senegalese player would not find too much trouble in making his way out of the club.

However, Barcelona seem unwilling to let go of the youngster without some planning ahead. In fact, SPORT reports that Barça would be open to letting go of the Senegalese talent with some sort of buy-back or repurchase option aligned within whatever his potential new contract may be.

Knowing his vast talent and the abilities he possesses, Barcelona think letting go of him without being future-proof would not be wise. Thus, it seems that a potential departure for the young defender would come with a rather sophisticated catch.