Barcelona may finally part ways with young pearl temporarily

Barcelona may finally part ways with young pearl temporarily
Barcelona may finally part ways with young pearl temporarily

Vitor Roque was the only addition that FC Barcelona made to their squad in the last winter transfer window, after having signed him in the summer of 2023.

The Brazilian arrived at the Catalan club with big hopes of being able to deputize for Robert Lewandowski and provide another goalscoring weapon to Xavi, but his time at Barcelona up to now has been far from ideal.

He has only accumulated 310 minutes, two starts, and two goals in Barcelona colours since his arrival, and has not made his Champions League debut this season. He has also not played even a single minute in the last three games.

As a result, there have been rumors of plans for him to be sent on a loan this summer. According to a latest report from SPORT, Barcelona are actually going to suggest the player and his agent to look for a loan destination where Roque can get significant minutes on the pitch. However, Roque is reluctant to take such a route.

The Catalan club believes it is essential for Roque to get quality minutes at this point in his career. In addition to growing as a footballer and gaining confidence, these minutes will also help him get acclimatized to European football better, something that the youngster is struggling with while at Barcelona.

However, Andre Cury, Roque’s agent, is not too keen on a loan, especially as he believes players find it difficult to shine when they leave a club as big as Barcelona. However, the case of players like Fermin Lopez can serve to change his mind.

Another factor that is making Barcelona push the Brazilian for a loan is his contract situation. He was registered with La Liga last winter because of Gavi’s injury, but this summer, he will have to be registered anew, which can become a problem because of Barcelona’s FFP situation.

As the striker does not have too big a profile right now, he has a greater range of teams to choose from for this loan. However, he will develop best while playing for a La Liga club, and Real Betis, which has undertaken extensive business with Barcelona in recent years, has already shown its interest in the Brazilian.