New Barcelona coach may put his faith in German wonderkid

New Barcelona coach may put his faith in German wonderkid
New Barcelona coach may put his faith in German wonderkid

In the coming days, it is expected that Hansi Flick will begin to familiarise himself with FC Barcelona. The Catalan giants needed to make a change in the managerial position, and the German coach is who they went with. Now, after a good long wait, his arrival has even been confirmed by Barcelona.

However, given his German ties, there is definitely a feeling that the coach will resonate with his compatriots. Yet, that does not only apply to those stars in the first team, but also the talents in the quarry and subsidiary who may be waiting for their chance to shine.

As such, according to SPORT, one player who could definitely benefit from Flick’s arrival could be Noah Darvich. The 17-year-old German starlet in Barça Atletic has hardly had continued prominence this season under Rafa Marquez, but with Flick’s arrival, that may end up changing.

Flick already knows the player through his knowledge of the German youth programs and knows about his quality. Moreover, with the 4-2-3-1 being the preferred formation for Hansi Flick, that could also end up being a positive for Darvich’s profile, a player who thrives as an attacking midfielder.

His adaptation in Barcelona has faltered partially due to this formation-based and positional intricacies that are difficult to adapt to. However, in a 4-2-3-1, Darvich would fit in naturally and without much issue.

A player who is used to playing with more freedom as an attacking midfielder, the more restricted allocations of the tactics at Barcelona have been a new discovery for him, and one that he has not fully come around to yet.

It is not a wild possibility, however, to consider that Flick could end up taking the player with the first team for pre-season. The Barcelona starlet, one who starred in Germany’s Under-17 World Cup win