Barcelona B star amazes with his goals despite uncertain future

Barcelona B star amazes with his goals despite uncertain future
Barcelona B star amazes with his goals despite uncertain future

There are always early steps that must be taken for players to reach the top at FC Barcelona. Despite their economic hurdles, the competition within the Catalan club remains as strong as ever. For youngsters, that competition starts even earlier in the quarry of Barcelona from where they look to ascend.

One specific kind of profile, however, that Barcelona have failed to nurture quite often is that of high-scoring forwards. Technical midfielders and other ball-playing specialists are a more regular kind of development from within Barcelona Atletic, but the club has now found an answer to their goal-scoring needs in a foreign player.

As highlighted by SPORT, 22-year-old Pau Victor has been immensely impressive for Barcelona Atletic and Rafa Marquez. By this point of the season, after the latest victory over Ibiza, Victor already has 20 goals to his name, a tally that no Barcelona B striker has managed to reach in the last 13 seasons.

However, the problem when it comes to Pau Victor is the uncertainty around his future. The forward, as impressive as he has been for Barça Atletic, is still just on a loan from fellow Catalan club Girona. Furthermore, Barcelona have now reportedly also lost the opportunity to sign him for just €3 million.

According to the report, this buy option price that was included as part of the loan expired sometime in April of this year. However, that still does not completely close the door to his possible continuity with Barcelona if the Catalan giants are able to negotiate a positive and sustainable deal with Girona in the summer.

The player, on the other hand, tries not to focus on this uncertainty. His goal remains to perform and impress for his current side and that is what he hopes to do.