Banks looking to build the basketball Bucks back up

Kevin Noon, Publisher
Buckeye Grove

COLUMBUS, Ohio – It is still a couple of months before the Ohio State men's basketball team will take the court for their first game under new head coach Chris Holtmann but that does not mean the team is not working hard to get ready for the start of the season.

Holtmann brought in Quadrian Banks as the new strength and conditioning coach for the team and he has been hard at work with the Buckeyes over the last couple of months to hand the team over to the coaches in advance of the season as they look to bounce back after a couple of off years.

Joining Holtmann at Ohio State was easy for Banks despite having a job in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts.

"Chris Holtmann goes into that decision," Banks said. "Chris Holtmann called and there were no second thoughts, it was like, 'Yeah coach, let's do it'. You hear Ohio State and it is a great opportunity but Chris Holtmann was the deciding factor with leaving the NFL to come here. It was kind of a no-brainer."

What made it such a no-brainer?

"He puts great people around each other," Banks added.

With a couple months in the program there are certain things that Banks noticed most. He would not single out players at this point but did speak in some generalities.

"Attention to detail, work ethic. We will get stronger, we will get faster, we will gain the right kind of weight," Banks said. "It is just a day-in, day-out consistency. I think that is something that coming, they have been doing things a certain way and just the teaching and a new set of terminology and new staff, new everything."

The players have been putting in the work but this is not an overnight thing in Banks' eyes.

"I think it is still early, I know that it has been a couple of months but it is still early," Banks said. "We are looking at long term development and not just in the short term. It is a day-by-day process. The guys have done a great job of working hard and being consistent and holding each other to a standard."

There is a pretty good strength and conditioning guy over at the WHAC in Mickey Marotti. Does Banks plan on utilizing his peer across the street?

"I have known coach Marotti for a long time and have admired his work for a long time," Banks said. "He is a great, great strength and conditioning coach. We speak often about… not necessarily set and reps and technical aspect (of it all) but just the mentality and the culture building. He is one of the best in the country and doing that kind of thing. To not use him as a resource would be just kind of ignorant. He is a great coach."

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