Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews helps save woman’s life on flight

Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews helped save a woman’s life on a flight after she had an unexpected medical problem on Thursday.

Andrews, 28, was traveling from Baltimore to his home in Phoenix on a Southwest flight, according to a passenger who recounted the tense moments on social media.

“A woman on my @southwest flight from Baltimore to Phoenix this morning had a mid-flight medical emergency,” Andrew Springs wrote. “The doctor and nurse attending to her couldn’t find a strong pulse, her blood pressure was extremely low, and required oxygen to breathe. It was genuinely scary.”

At that point, Andrews stepped into the aisle and asked, “Could it be her blood sugar? I have a diabetic testing kit,” according to Springs.

“Andrews instructed the medical professionals (equal citizen heroes in this story) on using his test kit. Eventually her heart rate stabilized,” Springs wrote.

Medical personnel later met the flight at the gate, he added.

The Ravens tight end has Type 1 diabetes, and the team has previously shared videos of him meeting and inspiring Baltimore-area kids with the disease.

Andrews confirmed the story in a deferential statement through his team.

“In addition to the fast-acting flight attendants, the real heroes are the nurse and doctor who also happened to be on the plane,” Andrews said. “Thankfully they were able to provide the woman the quick assistance she needed.”

Andrews was only on the flight home because the Ravens lost in the AFC Championship Game last weekend to the Kansas City Chiefs. If Baltimore had won, he would have remained in the city preparing for Super Bowl LVIII.

“Watching complete strangers spring into action to help save someone’s life is truly amazing,” Springs wrote.