What are Baltimore Ravens players biggest fears on Halloween?

Quinton Mayo
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What are the Ravens players biggest fears on Halloween? originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

It's officially the spookiest time of the year, Halloween. Whatever teams have the red-hot Baltimore Ravens on their schedule are certainly fearful of how quickly the game could take a turn for the worst, but what fears  do Ravens players have this season?

On Saturday, the team released a video asking players that precise question and the answers were glorious.

Linebacker L.J. Fort is like most of us with his biggest fear being sharks. "I don't mess with sharks," Fort said. "Are you scared to go in the ocean? Do you swim in the ocean?" the interviewer asked.

"Knee height, that's about it," Fort responded.

Clowns have reigned supreme as one of the scarier characters during Halloween but a certain sixth-round pick out of Southern Methodist University has conquered that fear.

"It used to be clowns but I'm not scared of those anymore, I'm good." James Proche II said. "I'm not really scared of anything, I'm ready to go."

Here are some other fears from notable Ravens players:

QB Lamar Jackson: Losing a family member

WR Hollywood Brown: Not being successful

CB Marcus Peters: Not staying solid to family

DT Brandon Williams: The dark

DE Derek Wolfe: Getting old

Baltimore (5-1) is slated to take on Pittsburgh (6-0) in a highly anticipated rivalry game Sunday afternoon. Let's see who  can strike fear into their opponent first.