Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders named 2023 Salute to Service Award nominee

With Veterans Day fast approaching, the NFL is saluting the services given to military personnel, and the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders can take a bow for everything they do in the community.

Ravens Cheerleaders were announced last week as the organization’s nominee for the “Salute to Service Award presented by USAA.”

Throughout the history of the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleading program, the squad has continually demonstrated their appreciation for servicemen and women, most prominently by touring overseas. Over the 25+ years that the Ravens Cheerleading program has been in operation, the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders have participated in 24 overseas tours to support our troops abroad. Approximately 12 members of the squad travel to entertain the troops on each tour. In the past, cheerleaders have missed family functions, weddings, and even taken unpaid leave from work to have the opportunity to entertain our troops. This October, the Ravens Cheerleaders extended their time in London for the NFL UK game between the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans to make a few extra stops while overseas. The squad visited several US military troops deployed at bases all over the United Kingdom. The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders not only support troops abroad but are also very active in the Baltimore community supporting active and veteran military personnel close to home; this is a philanthropic priority for the squad, as there are numerous active-duty military members comprised within the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleading community. The 2023 Baltimore Ravens Cheerleading squad consists of five military members and additionally, there are 12 military members who serve as Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader alumni. A truly impactful moment for the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleading community occurred in early 2023 when the current squad was overseas visiting troops and made a special visit to see a former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader who was actively serving overseas.

The annual award by USAA and the NFL honors a league member who demonstrates an exemplary commitment to honoring and supporting the military community. USAA holds the designation of Official NFL Salute to Service Partner.

Past recipients of the award include Ron Rivera (2023), Andrew Beck (2022), Steve Cannon (2021), Dan Quinn (2020), Donnie Edwards (2019), Ben Garland (2018), Andre Roberts (2017), Dan Quinn (2016), Vincent Jackson (2015), Jared Allen (2014), John Harbaugh (2013), Charles Tillman (2012), and the late Tennessee Titans owner, K.S. “Bud” Adams, a WWII veteran (2011).

Finalists for the award are scheduled to be announced in January. The recipient will be recognized at the NFL Honors Awards Show, which is set to air the week of the Super Bowl.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire