Ball Don't Lie's week that was, starring 'Like a Bosh'

Sometimes it's best to look back, and not let history doom you to repetition. With that in mind, here's a sampling of the week that was, at Ball Don't Lie:

Carmelo Anthony(notes) doesn't want to be compared to Chris Bosh. I guess that he means he doesn't want to chill instead of work.

Unfortunately, Greg Oden(notes) caught the injury bug yet again. The long-term outlook for the Blazers keeps looking worse and worse.

It was a banner week for aging guards who wore No. 3 and want to play overseas: Allen Iverson(notes) played his first game in Turkey, Stephon Marbury(notes) said Mike D'Antoni's on the hot seat, and Stevie Franchise is thinking about joining Starbury in China.

Kevin Love(notes) put together the league's first 30/30 game in nearly 30 years. Then the Wolves investigated why his Minnesota teammates wouldn't give him a low five.

Tony Parker(notes) and his wife Eva Longoria are ready to divorce. On the bright side, at least he got mentioned on College Jeopardy ahead of Tim Duncan(notes).

Blake Griffin(notes) came really close to completing one of the best dunks in league history. At least he finished this slam on Anthony Tolliver.

Kobe Bryant(notes) can get creative around the rim, but that hasn't stopped people from questioning his judgment when it comes to choosing commercials.

Stephen Jackson(notes) tried to fool Wesley Johnson into changing his position on a jump-ball, and hilarity ensued.

Doc Rivers would still prefer Greg Oden over Kevin Durant(notes). OK, not really, but it's something like that.

Jason Kidd(notes) really, really likes the Talking Heads.

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