Ball Don’t Lie Hump Day Chat!

So, the New York Knicks are 6-6 since the Carmelo Anthony trade.

This morning, Tas Melas called them "gross to watch." They can't beat the Cavaliers, and they can't beat the Indiana Pacers. Teams can't stop nailing jumpers, not unlike Danny Granger's game-winner from Tuesday night, over their outstretched arms.

And Jared Jeffries is 20 percent of the team's starting lineup.

And Mike D'Antoni is up-set! I suppose. He's clearly annoyed.

Let's have a chat, then. Click the jump at 3 p.m., Eastern, for a BDL Hump Day Chat! that has no idea about the upcoming NCAA Tournament. You've been warned. I'm clueless.

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See you soon.


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