Ball Don’t Lie’s 2013-14 Season Previews: All 30 team previews in the same dang place

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It's been four months and 10 days since we bid farewell to the 2012-13 NBA season, and an awful lot has changed since the final buzzer of Game 7. Dwight Howard headed to Houston and Andre Iguodala moved to the Bay Area. Two-thirds of the Big Three shipped up to Brooklyn, and their old coach is the new mayor of what used to be called Lob City (which might not be all it's cracked up to be).

There's a new crop of rookies joining our familiar cast of characters, there are nine new head coaches hoping to lead their squads to the promised land, and there are 29 teams (well, OK, probably a few less, if we're being truthful) aiming to keep back-to-back Miami Heat titles from becoming a South Beach three-peat. And it all starts tonight.

First, the Eastern Conference finalist Indiana Pacers take on No. 2 overall pick Victor Oladipo and the Orlando Magic. An hour after that game tips, the Heat will receive their 2012-13 championship rings (sorry, LeBron) before battling the healthy, whole and sensational Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls. And in the nightcap, Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the defending Pacific Division champion Los Angeles Clippers will renew in-house hostilities with a Los Angeles Lakers team that's beginning a season without Kobe Bryant in the lineup for the first time since 2006.

We've spent the last four months getting ready for today, but our preparation has kicked up over the past two weeks, as we've gone in-depth on all 30 NBA teams in hopes of identifying the teams to watch, the questions to answer, and the storylines and subplots that will help determine what happens in the season ahead. We've collected them all here, in case you missed any, want to revisit any, or just feel like spending the hours before your team tips off studying up.

The links below will point you to each team's season preview, along with predicted records and playoff seeding. We hope you dig 'em, that you enjoy the start of this NBA campaign and that you'll keep us company throughout the next eight months (give or take) of madness here on the mothership, on Twitter, on Facebook and on our brand spankin' new Tumblr.

Now, without further ado:


Southeast Division

1. Miami Heat — 60-22
2. Atlanta Hawks — 47-35
3. Washington Wizards — 33-49
4. Charlotte Bobcats — 25-57
5. Orlando Magic — 24-58

Atlantic Division

1. Brooklyn Nets — 53-29
2. New York Knicks — 49-33
3. Toronto Raptors — 38-44
4. Boston Celtics — 16-66
5. Philadelphia 76ers — 14-68

Central Division

1. Indiana Pacers — 57-25
2. Chicago Bulls — 56-26
3. Detroit Pistons — 43-39
4. Milwaukee Bucks — 38-44
5. Cleveland Cavaliers — 35-47

Which would mean, playoffs-wise ...

1. Miami
2. Indiana
3. Chicago
4. Brooklyn
5. New York
6. Atlanta
7. Detroit
8. Milwaukee/Toronto*


Southwest Division

1. San Antonio Spurs — 57-25
2. Houston Rockets — 56-26
3. Memphis Grizzlies — 50-32
4. Dallas Mavericks — 44-38
5. New Orleans Pelicans — 37-45

Northwest Division

1. Oklahoma City Thunder — 59-23
2. Minnesota Timberwolves — 42-40
3. Portland Trail Blazers — 39-43
4. Denver Nuggets — 35-47
5. Utah Jazz — 20-62

Pacific Division

1. Los Angeles Clippers — 59-23
2. Golden State Warriors — 57-25
3. Los Angeles Lakers — 37-45
4. Sacramento Kings — 33-49
5. Phoenix Suns — 16-66

Which would mean, playoffs-wise ...

1. L.A. Clippers/Oklahoma City*
2. Oklahoma City/L.A. Clippers*
3. San Antonio/Golden State*
4. Golden State/San Antonio*
5. Houston
6. Memphis
7. Dallas
8. Minnesota

* depending on tiebreakers

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