Bald eagle goes rogue and starts landing on Notre Dame fans before start of Cotton Bowl

An eagle blessed the Irish prior to the Cotton Bowl. (Getty Images)
An eagle blessed the Irish prior to the Cotton Bowl. (Getty Images)

America loves Notre Dame. While some may take issue with that statement, it cannot be argued after what happened just before the Cotton Bowl on Saturday. During the national anthem, a bald eagle got loose and started landing on Notre Dame fans.

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This wasn’t any bald eagle. This was a trained eagle named Clark who was responsible for flying around the stadium during the anthem before returning to his handler on the field.

That did not happen. During the anthem, the eagle decided to go rogue by landing on two Notre Dame fans in the stands.

The eagle’s antics led to at least one unbelievable photo.

Yahoo Sports’ own Pat Forde provided an exclusive eye-witness report from the scene.

“Clark toured the stadium and alighted upon the shoulder of a freaked-out ND fan in a green T-shirt. He then moved to another section in the third level, corner of stadium, and a different ND fan held up his arm like a pro and the eagle landed. Clearly the eagle favors the Irish.”

“From there one of his handlers hustled up to procure him”

You heard it here first: Notre Dame will win the Cotton Bowl by 1,776 points. If you don’t agree with that, you’re free to take it up with Clark the Eagle.

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