Baker Mayfield snap tracker: Browns are inching toward fourth round pick

The Cleveland Browns need former quarterback Baker Mayfield to hit 70 percent of the offensive snaps for the Carolina Panthers this season. If Mayfield hits that mark, the Browns will get a fourth round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft instead of a fifth after dealing him to Carolina this Summer. Where does he stand at this point?

The Panthers have played a total of 640 snaps this season, and Mayfield has played 373 of them. This sits him currently at just over 58 percent of offensive snaps played. Through 11 games, the Panthers are averaging 58 offensive plays per game, putting them at an estimated 989 snaps on the season.

For the Browns to land a fourth round pick, Mayfield will need to play a total of 692 snaps at this pace. This means Mayfield must play an estimated 319 of the remaining 349 snaps for the Panthers this season. Realistically, Mayfield needs to start the rest of the way out in Carolina.


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