Baker Mayfield says litigation over missing $12 million was "a long time coming"

On Tuesday, Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield met with reporters for the first time since: (1) he was named the Week One starter; and (2) news emerged of a legal action commenced on his behalf to determine the whereabouts of $12 million of his after-tax earnings.

He was asked whether the new case, which seeks an accounting from an investment firm at which multiple family members work, is a distraction for him.

“I’ll say this," Mayfield said, "it's been a long time coming for that. I'm not going to comment on any details but, yeah, I've been dealing with that stuff for years now. So, mentally I'm in a much better head space. So, yeah, we're ready to roll.”

Mayfield is due to earn $4 million this year, with up to $4.5 million more available in incentives. More importantly, a strong year in 2023 could set him up to make the kind of money that will more than make up for the missing $12 million.