Baker Mayfield rips Browns' handling of Odell Beckham Jr.'s injury, then says he's sorry

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Each week, the Cleveland Browns find a new, creative way to spiral into chaos.

On Sunday, Baker Mayfield took a starring role.

The Cleveland quarterback injected a new round of controversy into the disaster that is the 2019 Browns with postgame comments calling out the team’s medical staff over its handling of Odell Beckham Jr.’s health.

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Then he walked it back on Twitter.

And this call came after a 27-19 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Mayfield rips Browns staff over Beckham injury

When asked about a report that Beckham needs offseason surgery, Mayfield jumped right into laying blame on the the Browns training staff.

“I’d say that it wasn’t handled right. He’s not able to run as well as he should be able to, as well he knows — and that’s frustrating for him,” Mayfield said. “You can sense that’s some of his frustration, where that comes from.

“It wasn’t handled the right way in our training room. It is what it is.”

When asked to clarify, Mayfield said that “it could have been addressed earlier on.”

“Obviously, hindsight’s 20/20, but he probably would have missed the first two, one or two, based on the fact that it was during training camp,” Mayfield continued. “It is what it is. We’re here right now. It’s too late to do that. He’s fighting through pain, he’s playing through pain.”

It is what it is

In case you’re keeping tally, that’s two “it is what it is” remarks in one podium appearance, the siren call of the dejected and defeated.

Baker Mayfield took a starring role in this week's edition of the Browns' continuing spiral into chaos. (Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Baker Mayfield took a starring role in this week's edition of the Browns' continuing spiral into chaos. (Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Beckham’s medical woes

Mayfield’s comments are in response to a report that Beckham needs sports hernia surgery. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported early Sunday that the Browns struggling star receiver has dealt all season with a sports hernia that’s “serious and often painful” and will require an offseason procedure.

Mayfield, who has taken a large brunt of the blame for failed connections with Beckham, seemed eager to point criticism elsewhere.

And in all honesty, he may be right. If Beckham’s medical issues were clear in the preseason, then the Browns should have probably addressed the situation then.

But spreading blame is unbecoming of an NFL quarterback, a message that Mayfield clearly got shortly after his comments started to garner attention.

Baker walks it back

Not long after his postgame comments, Mayfield walked them back on Twitter.

It’s difficult to take that walk-back seriously. Mayfield’s initial statement was blunt, clear and on target.

But after some time to cool down, Mayfield apparently decided it was a better look to try and put his quarterback hat back on and focus on a “good team win.”

That, or he was told to do so by management.

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