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Baker Mayfield is not doing himself any favors | You Pod to Win the Game

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Yahoo Sports’ Senior NFL Writer Charles Robinson and NFL Media’s Jim Trotter discuss the continuing saga between Baker Mayfield and the Browns. The Cleveland QB continues to complain about his treatment by the Browns, and Jim Trotter has some strong words for the former number one overall pick. Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: First and foremost, Baker Mayfield comes out. Yesterday, he does podcast. This video is tied to it as well. And he continues to repeat his dissatisfaction with the Cleveland Browns. I just wanted to ask what you thought of that. His dog obviously became the star of the show.

I think it's interesting, though. He keeps saying that he feels disrespected. Clearly someone in this equation is lying because the organization has come out and said, we told Baker we were on board with him. However, we were reserving the right if what we deemed to be an elite level quarterback became available to us, we were going to explore that option. They felt like they relayed that to Baker. Baker is saying, I was told one thing, and then they did the other. And that's why I'm where I am now.

JIM TROTTER: Well, my question first off for Baker would be, when were you told what you were told?


JIM TROTTER: Because in my mind, I'm saying, for instance, if they told him back before the 2021 season or sometime during it that you're our guy long term whatever or whatever, and then later come and say in the offseason, we're going to look at other options at quarterback, is that what you're saying they lied about? Or are you saying-- I'm just curious of his timeline. Did they tell you in the offseason that you're our guy, yada, yada, yada? And then, all of a sudden, they said we're going to pursue other quarterbacks.

So I would just want some clarification on the timeline from Baker's standpoint because I do believe the Browns told his agent what their plans were. So I don't think that's in dispute. My question would just be when did they tell him and what had they told him prior to that.

Having said that, I would say to Baker if I were representing him, shut up. Just be quiet--


- --because you're not doing yourself any favors here. The fact that no team at this point is willing to trade for you-- and we can talk about the reasons why beyond just football. We can talk about the financial. But the fact that no team is willing to trade for you right now, a former number one overall pick who plays the most important position on the field, should tell you that your stature within the league is not as good or as high as you might think it is.

So just be quiet. Go out and prove yourself. And then if you want to talk to that point, talk. But right now, you don't start popping off when you're at your low point. It serves no purpose for you in terms of going forward.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah. And just to touch on what you said earlier, it was my understanding that at the combine, there was obviously a meeting that took place between his representation and the team. And they were told then like, hey, yeah, we're on board with him. We're going to ride with him.

However, look, if an elite level quarterback comes available, just know we're going to explore that. And that's going to be part of this. If that wasn't relayed to him or he's not processing that, I don't know where the miscommunication is here.

JIM TROTTER: He may have known about it then. But let's say--

CHARLES ROBINSON: Right, earlier.

JIM TROTTER: Right. At the end of the regular season, let's say he was told, you're our guy. And then all of a sudden, the organization changed up realizing it had a real shot of Deshaun Watson and said, we're going this direction. So he technically could say, I was lied to. That's why, from him, I would like to know at what point where you told that you're our guy.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Right. Are you cherry-picking, basically--

JIM TROTTER: Yes, absolutely.

CHARLES ROBINSON: --your timeline? I got you. I'm with you too on the compensation end of it because they're not looking for a premium pick for him.


CHARLES ROBINSON: They're not. I mean, we're talking like this guy could get dealt for like a fifth rounder. OK?