Baker Mayfield makes Dolphins overture on Instagram, backtracks on Twitter

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It’s rare for a high-profile college quarterback to openly lobby where he wants to play when he graduates to the the NFL.

There’s often speculation and whispers about where guys don’t want to go. Like rumors that Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen were both considering staying in college to avoid playing for the Cleveland Browns.

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And then there’s Eli Manning’s flat-out refusal to play for the San Diego Chargers following in the footsteps of John Elway’s rejection of the Baltimore Colts.

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But now there’s Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield who appeared to shirk protocol in favor of new social media norms during a Kenny Stills Instagram appearance on Thursday.

If you look closely at the second line in that list of profiles, you’ll see the name Baker Mayfield with a check mark next to it. Yep, that’s Mayfield writing #GetMeToMiami.

There’s not much subtle about that.

Baker Mayfield made pretty clear on Thursday that Miami is where he wants to be. (AP)
Baker Mayfield made pretty clear on Thursday that Miami is where he wants to be. (AP)

The Dolphins are shaky at best at quarterback with Ryan Tannehill coming off a season lost to a knee injury, having never fully grasped the role of franchise quarterback in the first place.

Miami has the 11th pick in the upcoming draft. That’s within the range that Mayfield is projected to be selected, so maybe his dream of taking his talents to South Beach can come true.


Later Thursday, Mayfield attempted to temper the flames of his newly lit Miami fire, citing his ties with fellow former Oklahoma football player and current Dolphins receiver Stills.



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