Baker Mayfield introduced the Rams to his wild headbutt celebration

Baker Mayfield played one of the wildest games of the season on Thursday night, leading the Rams to a 17-16 win over the Raiders thanks to a stunning comeback in the fourth quarter. Perhaps the only thing crazier was Mayfield’s celebration after the win.

Following his game-winning touchdown pass to Van Jefferson, Mayfield busted out his insane celebration where he headbutts his teammates – without a helmet on his head. He did it with the Panthers a month ago, and he introduced the Rams to it on Thursday night.

He caught Robert Rochell in the chin with a good headbutt, which seemed to not only surprise Rochell, but the coach who was also celebrating on the sideline.

Check out both of their reactions.

That move would probably hurt a lot more if he wasn’t running on pure adrenaline. Just try to stay out of the concussion protocol, Baker.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire