Bailey Sarian's makeup videos are your new go-to source for true crime coverage

Although Bailey Sarian initially started her YouTube career to do makeup tutorials and product reviews. she believes a lot of her devoted followers and viewers visit her channel for her weekly series, “Murder, Mystery and Makeup” (“MM&M”). her audience — which has grown to 3 million subscribers — is tuning in to hear her talk about some creepy true crime stories. the combination of Sarian applying fake eyelashes and talking about unsolved mysteries is weirdly soothing — as if you’re talking to a friend about their favorite true-crime podcast. Sarian started her YouTube channel in 2013 but didn’t start thinking about launching the “MM&M” series until 2018. “From the very beginning, the majority of the feedback was positive,” Sarian told In The Know. Since then, the “MM&M” videos have been Sarian’s most popular series to date. “I’m so thankful I finally did the series,” she said