Badminton at the Paris 2024 Olympics

Chen Yu Fei lunges forward playing a shot. She is wearing a red collard shirt with white shorts and white trainers. She has short brown hair.
Chen Yu Fei competes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics [Getty Images]

Here's all you need to know about badminton at Paris 2024.

Badminton schedule and venue at Paris 2024

The badminton events take place from 27 July to 5 August at the La Chapelle Arena.

There are five medal events - men's and women's singles, mixed doubles and men's and women's team.

The medal matches for the mixed doubles take place on 2 August.

The medal matches for the women’s doubles take place on 3 August, with the men’s doubles on 4 August.

The medal matches for the men’s and women’s singles take place on August 5.

Scoring and rules in badminton

Badminton singles and doubles are played to the best of three sets of 21 points. A point is scored on each serve and awarded to the side that wins the rally.

The birdie (also known as the shuttlecock) must stay within the court boundaries for the rally to continue. If it hits the ground in the opponent's half then a point is won.

If the birdie is hit outside the court boundaries then the point is conceded.

If the score reaches 20-20, a team must win by two clear points to be awarded the game. If the score hits 29-29, the first to get the 30th point wins the game.

Who has won the most medals in Olympic badminton?

China topped the badminton medal table with six (two golds, four silvers) at the Tokyo Olympics.

China have won the most Olympic badminton medals with 47 (20 gold) with Indonesia second with 21 (eight gold).

Great Britain have won three Olympic badminton medals with one silver and two bronze.