Bad blood? The exact opposite for Trevor Booker

Jessica Camerato | NBC Sports Philadelphia
NBC Sports Philadelphia

Trevor Booker's time with the Sixers was short, and he's OK with that.

The Sixers bought out Booker on Feb. 28 to make room for Ersan Ilyasova less than three months after they acquired him from the Nets in the Jahlil Okafor trade. 

The eighth-year veteran signed with the Pacers days later.

"Honestly, no disrespect to them, but I was pretty excited," Booker said of the Sixers' buyout Tuesday from the Pacers' locker room. "Of course I was going to miss my teammates and everybody, but I was excited for a new opportunity. I feel like I really just didn't fit in well here. But I did love my time here. But I'm loving my time in Indiana right now." 

Booker never settled into a consistent role with the Sixers. He averaged 4.7 points and 3.7 rebounds in 15.0 minutes off the bench over 33 games. 

When the Sixers looked to add scoring and versatility to the second unit with Ilyasova, they parted ways. Booker feels he had found a match with his third NBA team this season. 

"I think just the style of play, it's just a lot better for me," Booker said. "I can set more ball screens, push the ball up the court a little bit. I just feel a little bit more free." 

Booker will be a free agent in the summer. After bouncing around the NBA this season, he wouldn't mind sticking with the Pacers for a while. 

"I would definitely like for it to be long term," Booker said. "But both sides have to like each other. I'm loving it right now, so I guess we'll see in the offseason."

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