Back to business as usual for Rutgers OC Jerry Kill

Bobby Deren, Editor
Scarlet Nation

Rutgers’ Saturday afternoon 65-0 win over Morgan State once again featured offensive coordinator Jerry Kill calling plays from the sidelines. In the previous game against Eastern Michigan, Kill took a hit on the sidelines and that led to a seizure and subsequent hospitalization the following day.

However, it was back to business as usual yesterday as Kill called the offensive plays from down on the sidelines.

“I won’t change that, it’s what is best for our football team,” Kill said on a conference call earlier this afternoon. “The coaches I have with me, a couple of them are in the box. My situation as far as getting rolled up and getting a headache and the seizures I experienced were nothing like I had before. I mean not even close. I hadn’t had any in two years, but they were nothing compared to what they have been in the past.”

Kill also talked about what it was like last Sunday when his seizures came on and he was admitted to the hospital.

“I don’t know how long it took me to come back in it. But that is kind of normal. And I was ready to get out of the hospital by about seven o’clock that night. But they wanted to double check because I hit my head and they wanted to make sure concussion-wise I was all right. Then, you know how it is trying to get out of the hospital.”

There was an overwhelming outpour of support sent Kill’s way and that came from beyond the Rutgers program and fan base.

“I heard from everybody throughout the country, which was great,” Kill said. “There are a lot of great people out there. I was very appreciative. I was in contact with Coach [Chris] Ash Sunday night and told him I would be back Monday morning.”

Kill made good on his word as he returned to Rutgers last Monday and began preparations for what turned out to be a 65-0 rout of Morgan State.

“I was back at work by two o’clock in the afternoon [on Monday] and worked until ten o’ clock at night. So it was nothing like the past,” Kill said. “I felt comfortable being on the sideline and my wife and doctor felt comfortable being down there. So no problems there.”

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