'Bachelorette' Feud Finally Comes to an End and There Are No Winners

Superfan TV

The final showdown that everyone was waiting for between Kenny and Lee on The Bachelorette was short, and not very sweet. Kenny returned from his conversation with Rachel, where she had informed him that Lee had told her that Kenny had basically assaulted him. So he called Lee a liar, before saying a bunch of words that got bleeped by the censors. After Kenny said what he had to say, Lee sarcastically responded with, "Jesus loves you." That snarky comment sent Kenny into another expletive-ridden rant.

Rachel interrupted the guys, briefly putting an end to their childish bickering. And while the censors must have been glad that Rachel returned, Lee wasn't since she told him to go home because she couldn't trust him anymore. Rachel then told Kenny that he wasn't getting a rose either, but she wanted to spend more time with him that night.

So Kenny and Rachel headed to the helicopter, but Kenny just couldn't let his feud with Lee end there. So he went back down the hill to get one more thing off his chest. As one would imagine, Rachel wasn't too pleased with Kenny going back, saying, "This is just so stupid." While she sat in the helicopter by herself, Kenny was delivering a message to Lee. Kenny said, "Be the you that God intended you to be because, somewhere inside there, there's a guy that's decent, bro. There's a decent Lee inside there." Kenny then saluted Lee and said, "So long, snake," before walking back to Rachel.

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