'Bachelor' contestant sparks heated debate for allegedly promoting 'White Lives Matter' merch

Justin Chan

A "Bachelor" contestant has sparked heated debate for allegedly modeling for a White Lives Matter clothing brand.

A Twitter user took to the social media platform on Jan. 6 to share a photo of Victoria Fuller — a 25-year-old medical sales representative from Virginia Beach, Va., and current contestant on the show's 24th season — wearing a "WLM" hat.

"Victoria f modeled for a white lives matter clothing brand," the user wrote. "She's gotta go."

As of Wednesday afternoon, the tweet has been shared nearly 7,000 times and has sparked mixed reactions.

"Why is anyone even surprised by bachelor/bachelorette contestants being involved in buffoonery like this and more importantly why do people continue to watch these shows season after season of the same white people?" one person wrote in response. "I've never understood."

Others attempted to defend Fuller, pointing out that the brand was, in fact, raising awareness about something else with its fish logo.

"It’s about marlin fishing you dummies," one user tweeted. "Didn’t you read the shirt that says blue lives matter. White lives is talking about white marlins ... def not the best thing to put on a shirt for sure but it’s not talking about white people lives matter."

"Uh...if you actually look into it it’s for the conservation fo the white marlin. you know....the fish," another wrote. "Don’t take everything as it initially looks."

Yet, in another image that the original poster shared, a model wears a shirt with a faux Confederate flag, evoking racial undertones.

Fuller has been the center of controversy for quite some time. In October 2019, entertainment blog RealitySteve reported that the 25-year-old had broken several of her friends' marriages by being involved with their partners. A month later, Fuller took to Instagram to indirectly deny the allegations in a long post.

"The RUMORS you are hearing are FALSE," part of the post reads. "There will be a time & place where I can defend myself, but for now I choose to wait. HOWEVER, bullying is NOT ok. Nor is it fair. Especially when casting judgement and basing opinions upon pure speculation, assumptions, & LIES."

Fuller is one of 30 contestants vying for former "Bachelorette" contestant and pilot Peter Weber's heart.