Baby sleeps in the same position as in his ultrasound

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Michael Steppling is only 3 weeks old, but he’s already the “king of taking it easy” — and the proof is his signature laid-back pose, one that he’s been doing since before he was even born. At just a little over 38 weeks pregnant, Michael’s mom, Sarah Kelleher Steppling, from South Carolina, was unsure about doing a boutique ultrasound, especially after her first appointment resulted in a distorted image. However, when she finally succumbed to pressure from her mother and grandmother, who both wanted to have the photos for themselves, Sarah was excited to be able to see her baby’s adorable face and relaxed disposition. With his arms beside his head, Michael looked quite comfortable in his mother’s womb. And since Sarah gave birth, the little boy has continued to kick back in the same position.

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