Baby hilariously screams in solidarity with big sister in time out

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This hilarious baby decided to scream in solidarity with his sister when she was in a time out!

Lucy (@isla_and_lucy) is a TikToker who describes herself as an “imperfect mum” who is “keeping it real.” Lucy shares videos of her adorable toddler daughter, Isla, and her baby son Harrison, including a hilarious recent video in which Harrison decided to mimic his sister at a pretty inconvenient moment! In the video, Isla has gotten in trouble and is in a time out. Each time she screams to complain about her sentence, Harrison screams in solidarity!

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The video begins with a shot of Isla sitting on the floor in the hallway of the family’s home. Lucy sits at the kitchen table with her husband and films Isla, who has been relegated to the hallway as punishment for an unspecified crime. A caption reads, “When you’re not in trouble, but just want to be included.”

Isla opens her mouth and screams at the top of her lungs. Then, Lucy pans the camera over to reveal Harrison, sitting in a high chair next to her. The baby widens his eyes as he hears Isla scream and looks at his mom in confusion.

Then, Isla screams again, and this time Harrison copies her. The baby throws his arms in the air and mimics Isla’s scream, hitting the exact same pitch as the frustrated toddler.

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Then, the toddler and baby begin screaming together in unison. While Isla appears upset, Harrison simply looks confused.

The video ends with a shot of Lucy’s husband laughing and attempting to feed Harrison a bite of food.

Viewers were cracking up at the hilarious toddler and baby.

“It’s dad laughing his tail off for me,” one viewer wrote.

“I wish I had your patience. I could never,” another commenter replied.

“How can you not laugh?” another commenter wrote.

Life with young kids truly is hilarious!

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